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Sell your BTC for loads of Paypal in return!

Last night I was looking for some fast ways to make some cash quickly as Christmas is coming up. I had about $100 in BTC in my wallet. This site buys Bitcoins and gives you Paypal in return at a much higher rate. I was so sketched as to how it could be real but I gave it a shot with just $50 of my Bitcoin funds so I still had another $50 left just in-case things went to the worst and it was a scam. I typed in 0.0032 BTC (which is $50 at the time) and entered my Paypal email. It said I was going to get back $78. I hit Sell btc and sent the funds to the address shown. I was really scared so kept looking at the funds to see if they had passed 1 confirm haha. It took just 20 minutes for my transaction to hit 1 confirm. About 5 minutes after I looked at my phone and I had got a notification from Paypal saying you've got funds. =))) I was so happy and relieved. Just thought I'd share this very easy way to get a nice bit of money quicky by exchanging your btc for Paypal. Hope it helps you guys!!! This site has made my day.

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