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Become A Amazon Product Tester And Make Cash

Who are we? We Find Amazon sellers in need of a boost in their listings and then we link them to you to receive free products and rewards! We are an organization that is actively looking for high quality product testers/reviewers. What do we do? We reward the reviewers by giving them free stuff, by rewarding them for doing reviews & by rewarding them for inviting more people to Amazon Paradise! How does it work? It's pretty simple! Please read through our steps: 1- We will announce a product on the product page. 2- You will go and create an account (Please wait to skip ad, this revenue helps support projects and more incentives). 3- You will go to the website's dashboard and pick your Item. 4- You will follow the review instructions. 5- When your package arrives, you will wait 5-7 days. 6- Will leave an honest review on the product's Amazon page. 7- You will send the review proof on the website. 8- We will refund 100% of your order costs + fees (through Paypal, Bitcoin or Amazon Gift Card) 9- We will award you with +1 point to your TRN (total review number) 10- And you're done! You've earned a free item to use or sell and you've gained +1 TRN point. Milestones System Everytime you complete a review you gain +1 TRN point. Everytime you reach a certain TRN (Total Review Number) you win an awardWhich scales. You will love this as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Lets say you have a fear you won't get your refund? Just return the item to Amazon and get a full refund. This is RISK FREE. Products are always changing Please check us out you won't regret it

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