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Three Types of Stamps and Their Uses

The stamp or company chop is one of the oldest technology that is still used until this very day. It didn’t go through many changes over the years. Even so, they aren’t considered old and they are still very beneficial. There are of course slight innovations in its design that have made stamps more convenient to be used these days, resulting in slightly more options for us to choose when it comes to creating a stamp for our needs.

It might get a little confusing to decide on this simple thing. So, let’s take a look at the most common types of stamps and their uses for more understanding of which is the right type for you so that you can make the most appropriate type of stamp for your use, whether it is personal or for the company.

Generally, stamps are divided into three types.

1. Rubber Stamp

Company chop or stamp is the most common type of stamp and everyone is guaranteed to know this conventional option of the stamp. Certain images or words are engraved onto a rubber material that is affixed to a wooden or plastic handle. Then, in order for it to work, it needs to be pressed against an ink pad so that it can carry the ink and stamp it onto a piece of paper. This type of stamp always requires a separate ink pad to be brought with it. If not, it won’t work. It has fair durability and it is also rather cheap. On its own, this stamp is easy to carry around. But because it needs a separate ink pad always, it can be quite inconvenient. So if you need to bring a stamp with you always in your job and carry it around, this type of stamp might not be the one for you.

2. Pre inked stamp

A pre-inked stamp is a type of stamp where the stamp ink is molded into the wording. This type of stamp is generally more durable than a rubber stamp because of its body design and better plastic material. A pre-inked stamp is capable of producing a sharper image, resulting in a more crisp-looking imprint on the piece of paper. Meaning, this stamp is more suitable for professional and formal uses. Although more expensive, this stamp is easier to carry around as it doesn’t need a separate ink pad and it is also light in weight.

3. Self-inking stamp

A company stamp is the kind of stamp that is already pre-loaded with ink. Almost the same with a pre-inked stamp, where both don’t need a separate ink pad anymore. Thus, it is as convenient as a pre-inked stamp. It doesn’t have much difference between the previous type of stamp, only in the mechanics on how it inks the mold. A self-inking stamp or company chop is said to be the one that produces the best image quality compared to the two, and it is the best option you can get. However, it may get quite expensive.

Colin Kim

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