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Want a Name Card That Stands Out More? Follow These Tips

Making a name card that stands out can really give you an edge especially in your efforts to build networks and social links between you and the important people that may benefit you in your business. The designing part before name card printing is very crucial in determining whether you will have a name card that is above average and has the capability to capture people’s attention and giving them the right impression that lasts for a long time so that you will easily get remembered by the people you just meet.

Of course, you shouldn’t only rely on your card. The way you present yourself and manage a good flow of conversation will also affect the impression you give off toward people. However, a name card holds quite a strong role in leaving a stronger impact. Not only that, it is convenient because when people finally decide to contact you, they can easily find all the means of reaching you through your name card.

Now, let’s not waste any more time and go to the tips on ways how you can make your name card look more attractive.

First, don’t be shy in using colors. Choose bold colors, even if they are dark. You can surely choose to use black if that suits the impression you want to give off to people. The black color gives a sense of elegance and this is very good if you are in a business that is highly professional or exclusive in away. Choosing to print your name card in color instead of just keeping it white will make it easier to spot and perhaps give a lasting impression since it looks different than most, where a lot of people still choose to have their name card in white color.

Not only choosing vibrant colors, but you should also consider choosing a finish for your name card. A finish is a final or extra touch that you can give for your name card that will enhance its overall look by the end of the printing process. There are a lot of available finishes choices. A lot of people at least choose to use coating for their cards. Name card coating can make the surface of the card silky and smooth. Adding this layer onto the paper of your card will give it a different sense of touch and make it last longer because it will have better resistance to moisture, heat, and others. You should browse the types of finishes that your printing service can offer and choose finishes that can make your name card look better. You can choose more than one, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Another way you can try to make your name card stand out more is by choosing a different paper stock. As you know, paper stocks vary in quality, texture, color, and of course at the end, price. You should put in more money in printing with a better quality paper that is thicker. It is also good to choose paper with texture so that when people receive your card, they can be quite amused by the different feel that your name card gives due to the textured paper.

Colin Kim

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