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4 Advantages You Can Get From Having a Common Seal

These days, the common seal is starting to get forgotten more often. It is quite unfortunate for the fact that it holds many benefits, especially around office works. It may be small, but it can be really useful. Back in the day, it used to be regarded as more important because the laws and regulations required a common seal to be used for the process of the document authorizing so that any legal documents that are to be released or issued by a company has to have the mark of a company’s common seal. However, in the past several years, many countries no longer require a common seal’s mark to be present on a soon to be released document anymore. Instead, the signature of the company’s director is enough.

Even so, large company officials still regard a common seal as important. This makes common seal manufacture still quite popular to this day.

If you are one of the people who still contemplate between making one for your company or not, perhaps learning more about the benefits of a common seal can help you make a decision.

1. Overseas Business

A common seal can open doors to more beneficial business agreements for you, especially ones that are involving foreign firms or companies in a country that still requires a common seal or sees it as something mandatory. Some countries around the world still require a common seal, especially for legal purposes. You have to be able to prove and provide your common seal for the necessary documents between the two companies so that they can be recognized as legal by overseas courts as well. It’s better to be prepared ahead of this and always carry it around because you will never know when will you need it as you try to make business with them.

2. Exude Professionalism

You can appear to be more professional and proper by adding the mark of your common seal along with the signature of the company’s director as you issue a document. It may not be mandatory, but this small gesture can make you look like a company that pays attention to even the small details and is willing to always do its best as well as pursue propriety. By doing so, you can really create a positive image for your company and even leave a lasting good impression upon the recipient of the document.

3. Signature Substitution

In some cases, a common seal can substitute the signature of the company’s director if they are not present and a document needs to be urgently authorized. The company director needs to grant authorization to another company official such as the secretary to use the common seal for this purpose. On this occasion, a common seal can be truly helpful.

4. Confirms Authenticity

As a signature can be easily forged, the mark of a common seal can not. Thus, it is more reassuring for a document to have a common seal mark so that the recipient can truly know that the document is official and authentic.

Emma Rose

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