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4 Fundamental Sticker Design Tips You Must Remember

One of the best low-cost alternatives that you can choose to boost the effectiveness of your business promotion is stickers. You can use stickers on its own, or it can be used as a helping item along with other marketing tools such as flyers or brochures. It is versatile enough to adapt to various situations that you can absolutely be creative with the ways you distribute it.

As you may have guessed, the design of the sticker is really important because it needs to be attractive enough to grab people’s attention. Sticker printing in Singapore can only be effective if it is designed well. If you are not sure if you can do a good job of designing a sticker, you can definitely hire a professional graphic designer. But if you can’t afford to spend more money on it, then you can try using a simpler way of designing instead of doing it from scratch. Try finding customizable templates that can you easily tweak according to your preferences. Here are a few good tips so that you can get a good design for your sticker.

1. Simplicity

It is wrong to think that extravagant design is the way to go. It is good enough to make a simple design because it is easy to read. Not including too many elements in your design enables people to focus on the content and understand what you are trying to say with your sticker. If you include too many confusing elements in your design, you will only distract and even discourage people from the point that you should deliver. The text or content of your sticker needs to be straightforward and short so that people can grasp the point in a few good seconds. For more details, you can deliver them with a flyer or brochure instead.

2. Unique Shape

You have to try to stand out and catch people’s attention. One of the ways that you can do it is by creating stickers in a unique shape. With current technology, it is much easier to achieve the shape that you want. However, remember to have a shape that is relevant to what you are promoting so that people can associate it with your brand or business easier.

3. Readability

What good is a sticker for if it can be easily read? People need to be able to understand what’s written on your sticker effortlessly. Several aspects to pay attention to when it comes to ensuring the readability of your flyer is by choosing the right font type, color, and background color as well. The colors that you choose for your sticker background and text should be in contrast so that the font can be easily read. Avoid choosing a font that is fancy or overly stylized because this only clutters the design instead of making it look nice.

4. Proofread

Proofreading is often forgotten, while it actually is very important. It is the last step in designing where you have to make sure that there is no mistake in your design before it goes to the printing process. A sticker that is mistake-free means a sticker that’s effective. And a sticker that’s effective is a sticker that can truly benefit you.

Natalie Lidstone

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