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5 Reasons Why Invitation Card Is Necessary for Weddings!

Not only the wedding dress and venue that must be prepared for the wedding day, but there are many more things waiting to be set up. One of those things must be about the wedding invitation card, right? This item is super crucial, especially for those who want to celebrate and share their wedding moment with others. But, if it is commonly used to invite people, why don’t people send direct messages about their wedding via email or other social media instead of using invitation cards? Also, why do people still use it until now? So, to get the answer to these questions, keep reading!

1. Official Invitation

It will be a big difference if you tell someone to attend your wedding using an invitation card or not. When you tell them without an invitation card, they may think you’re not serious about inviting them to your wedding. So, a wedding invitation card is a way of making an official statement that those who receive the card are officially invited to attend the wedding!

2. Set a Limit for Number of Guests

Making an invitation card helps you limit the number of guests! Can you imagine if everyone could attend your wedding? It’s gonna be chaos! You can’t even prepare sufficient food and beverage for your guests. In short, it will be a mess. Because of that, a wedding invitation card is indeed crucial for a wedding. Moreover, by setting the limit, you can estimate and calculate the budget for your wedding. But, keep in mind, you have to manage the list of people that will be invited on your wedding day since it is limited.

3. Better Fund Allocation

The fundamental reason why it is necessary to make an invitation card because you can do a better allocation for your wedding budget. Based on the number of people officially invited, you can estimate and allocate a budget for catering, souvenirs, and of course for wedding invitation card!

4. Make Sure That You Only Invite Important People 

A wedding invitation is necessary because it can help you to make sure that the important people are invited on your wedding day. Wait, but who are those important people? They are the ones who can make you feel happier on your wedding day. They can be your besties, family, friends, co-workers, and anyone you want to invite to share your wonderful moments with.

5. Create a Better Plan

Did you know that you can make your wedding plans even better by making invitation cards? But how can it happen? Basically, when you make a list for your invitation card, you can estimate the number of your guests, and that’s fundamental things in planning a wedding. You can use your information to choose the perfect venue to suit all the number of your guests. Then, you can also determine the catering service based on the number of guests and your budget. So knowing or estimating your number of guests will make it easier to make your plans more specific!

Colin Kim

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