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7 Frequently Asked Questions About Company Stamp

A company stamp is often used in various types of documents. Maybe for some people who are familiar and routinely use the stamp, they must know it well. But for those who don’t use it often, or perhaps it is new for them, more information about the company stamp will be needed before they use or order it! Well, here are some frequently asked questions that can help you know more details about the company stamp.

1. What Is the Function of the Company Stamp? 

Did you know that the main function of a company stamp is to authorize the documents? Yes, that is why companies or organizations usually affixed the stamp when issuing official documents. Besides, the signature of an authority is sometimes not sufficient to represent the entire company or organization. So, the company stamp is added on the document to represent that the whole company or organization give their official approval. 

2. What Is the Information Included on the Stamp? 

Name of company, registration number, logo, and address are some of the vital information that is generally included on the company stamp. 

3. Where Can We Get It? 

Find the trusted and professional company stamp maker to manufacturing your stamp. You can search the maker near your home or office, or use your phone to find the rubber stamp maker around your location. 

4. What Types of Stamps Are Suitable for Making a Company Stamp? 

Pre-inked and self-inking stamp are two types of rubber stamps that are popular now. The pre-inked stamp produces sharp and high-quality impressions using oil-based inks. But, the self-inking stamp that is suitable for stamping in large quantities uses water-based inks.  

5. Is It Mandatory? 

In Singapore, the registration number of the company or unique entity number (UEN) should appear in the legible form on the documents issued by the company. So, on several documents where there is no company name and registration number on it, you need to affix the stamp on it. However, for documents that show registration number and company name, there is no stamping requirement for that. Well, we can say that a company stamp is not mandatory, but it is better to have the stamp as it has a cheap and affordable price. 

6. Are Company Stamp and Common Seal the Same?  

Both are used as a symbol that represents the official approval of a company or organization. But the common seal only affixed to high-level documents. If we talk about the looks, it will be totally different since a company stamp is an impression made using ink, but a common seal is an embossed mark without using any kind of inks. 

7. Are There Some Tips Before Ordering It? 

Here are a few tips that you need to know before asking a rubber stamp maker about producing your stamp. 

  • Make sure that you know the type and size of the documents that will be applied by using the stamp. That will help you determine the perfect size for your stamp. 
  • There are many options for water-based ink colour (for the self-inking stamp). Blue is the most popular choice, but you can choose anything as long as it suits your need.

Colin Kim

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