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Take Note of These X Banner Printing Tips

Even though it is not too big, X banner is still an effective tool that is popularly used for indoor events. What is also terrific about it is that it is cheap and quick to make as long as the design is ready. 

First time in designing an X banner? Here are some tips that can help you out during the process so that you can get the perfect X banner: 

1. Full Color Printing 

An X banner without color is not interesting. So make sure that you print in full color to make sure that your banner looks attractive enough to reel in your target audience and potential customers. 

Colors that are bright and vibrant attract the most, but it does not necessarily mean that you can’t use dark colors too. As long as you know how to balance the contrast of the background color and the text color well, you can surely still get a design that is hard to miss. 

2. 300 dpi Resolution 

300 dpi resolution is the most ideal if you are trying to get high quality X banner printing. With this resolution, no matter how big the size of your X banner is, you won’t have to worry about getting it stretched or pixelated. Your X banner will always look sharp and crisp, exuding that high quality and professional impression. If you wish to find out more you can visit

3. Include Your Brand Logo 

Don’t forget to insert the logo of your brand in the design of your X banner to show your target audience of your identity. With the logo displayed on your banner, especially on top where people will notice it first, you can ensure strong branding and raise brand awareness as well. The more you get known, the more people are familiar with your brand. If they are more familiar with you, then they tend to trust you more. This way, you can win the market over your numerous competitors. 

4. Brief Content 

Keep the content of your banner quick and simple so that people won’t have to spend too much time trying to read and understand the core message of your X banner promotion. Most people don’t really like to read too much information, thus they will give up halfway if they realize that there is too much to read. Or worse, they will not read altogether seeing the block of paragraph on your design. 

Try to deliver the message on your X banner using bullets and numberings to simplify things and make the appearance of your design more pleasantly arranged. 

5.  Font 

The font of your X banner also plays a great role in determining the comfort of your customer’s reading experience. Choose a font that is easy to read and keep it to three types of fonts maximum but preferably only two. If you choose more than two and settle on a font that is overly stylized, your design will appear cluttered and unattractive. Also, people will have difficulty in trying to read the content of your banner, which is not good. Always make sure that your design is legible for everyone.

Emma Rose

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