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Name Cards: 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Name cards or business cards are one of the things that should always be carried, especially in important meetings or events. The process of making the cards is quite simple and affordable! However, there are still some common mistakes that usually made by people when creating name cards. So, to help you avoid the same things, here are some of them! 

1. Not Represent You or Your Business! 

For some people, a name card is only a small card that is given to others to inform their contacts and information. So, they just made the card in the most basic format. That’s it! But actually, name cards can also use to create an impression. How? In this case, design plays an important role to deliver what kind of impression that want to show on the cards. So, if you want to show yourself as a creative person, you can create a design that represents your creativity. Also, don’t forget to choose the right colour based on what impression you want to show because each colour has its own meaning and physiological effect. 

2. Underestimating the Material and Print Quality 

Many people don’t pay much attention when deciding on material and printing service for their cards. As a result, there is nothing special about their card, or sometimes the results are not quite satisfying for the eye. Actually, both of material and print quality determines the result of the card and how it will look like. There are many types of materials that you can choose based on the impression you want to show or based on your budget. Besides, to get an attractive card appearance, you will better ask a printing service such as express name card printing in Singapore to print your cards. Since the card will represent you or your business, you should do your best for it! 

3. Missing Basic Information 

You should not forget to put all of the basic information on your card! Your cards will be useless, or you may lose any chance because of that! So, you have to make sure about putting all of the main information on your card. But what is the information that should include on the card? Here is the list! 

  • Your name or business name 
  • Companies 
  • Logo 
  • Occupation or field 
  • E-mail and web site 
  • Telephone and mobile number 
  • Address 
  • Social media (if necessary) 

4. Illegible Information 

One of the most crucial mistakes in making name cards is illegible text or information on the card. Basically, a name card is made to let people know your basic and contact information so that they can more easily contact you later. However, if the information cannot be read, then what is the function of the cards then? Because of that, avoiding illegible information should be one of your priority in making name cards. You can set a font type, size, and colour that makes the information legible for everyone! 

5. Overdesign! 

Some people want to make a great impression with people when exchanging their name cards. But that doesn’t mean the cards should be over-designed. Instead of being remembered for having a good impression, people may remember you as the person with an excessive name card design. So, avoid to make your card overdesign, but keep it simple and represent the best version of yourself!

Emma Rose

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