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Author: Vijaya Iyer

Vijaya Iyer

A Complete Guide to Applying for KITAS

KITAS is an abbreviation for Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas (Limited Stay Permit Card). It is a document issued by the Indonesian government to foreigners who wish to stay in Indonesia for a certain period of time. KITAS…

Looking for Halal Restaurants in India

Where to find halal food in India? This question often slides on social media platforms or forums. The Muslim travelers’ concern is justified because most of India’s population adheres to Hinduism. If you were in…

The Best Restaurants to Find Halal Food in the UK

Halal places to eat in the UK are actually very easy to find, especially in London. London is one of the safest countries for Muslims in carrying out their worship at this time. There are…

What Do You Need to Know About Foam Board Posters?

Foam board applications are now easy to find. One of them is a foam board poster. Have you seen that before? Basically, a foam board poster is a way to convey information to the public.…