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What Do You Need to Know About Foam Board Posters?

Foam board applications are now easy to find. One of them is a foam board poster. Have you seen that before? Basically, a foam board poster is a way to convey information to the public. But what distinguishes it, the poster is printed or installed on a foam board. 

Today, the application of foam board posters is quite popular. Individuals, institutions, organizations, or even businesses use them for their own purposes. But what made them think of making foam board posters? What exactly is a foam board? Or maybe you have other questions regarding the foam board poster that stuck in your head. Well, to help you get to know foam board posters, read on until the end of the article.  

1. What Is a Foam Board? 

If you are thinking and interested in making foam board posters, you should know about the foam board is. So, a foam board or foam core is a board material made of polystyrene that sandwiched by two papers. Polystyrene is a type of plastic which is also a material for forming Styrofoam. You must be familiar with Styrofoam, right? If you are familiar with it, then you should know that Styrofoam is incredibly lightweight! And that thing, you will also find as one of the characteristics of the foam board.  

2. Why Do People Use Foam Boards for Their Poster? 

Have you ever wondered about why people use foam boards for their posters? So, on this second point, let’s discuss it! Here are some of the things that get people considering using foam boards for their posters! 

  • As previously mentioned, the foam board is incredibly lightweight! That is because 95 – 98% of air is contained in the board. People use it for their poster because this material is easy to be stored, displayed, and transported.  
  • One of the things that make foam board popular is because of its infinite versatility! Foam board can be applied to all kind of displays, signs, projects, photographs and of course for posters too. 
  • Because of its affordability, many people decide to use it. So, foam board will be perfect and suitable for those who looking for low-cost printing and display materials! 

3. Foam Board Mounting and Printing 

When it comes to making foam board posters, it is necessary to know whether you will make the poster directly printed or mounted on the board. But what is the difference? So, keep reading for a brief explanation below. 

  • Foam board mounting is a display technique where a poster or image will be printed first to adhere on the board. This technique is fast, cost-effective, and straightforward! But instead of mounting the poster independently, it would be better to ask a professional or specialist in foam board printing to print and mount the poster to get the perfect result! 
  • As its name, foam board printing means that your poster will be printed directly on the foam board. So, there is no need to print the artwork first and there is no affixing process for it.   

Vijaya Iyer

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